Three Steps To Deep Cleaning Tiles Before Moving Into A Home

Three Steps To Deep Cleaning Tiles Before Moving Into A Home

8 February 2018
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A home that has tile floors is easy to adapt to. Tile floors are easy to sweep and mop. You can also easily cut carpet and place it over tile or purchase a rug to throw over the tile. If you are moving to a new place that has tile, the first thing that you will need to do is make sure that the tile is in good condition. If the tile has a layer of grim, a lot of dirt, or other problems, you need to get it deep cleaned before moving into your home. If you do not clean the tile appropriately, you may find yourself and your family slipping and the grime can easily transfer to your furniture. Here are three steps to deep cleaning tile floors when moving into a new place. 

Sweep then vacuum

Sweeping is the first step that you should take when you have a tile floor. This will get any loose debris from off the floor. This is important as you do not want to leave rocks or hard particles on the floor that can scratch the tile. After you sweep, you should also go over the floor with a vacuum. This will pick up anything that you may have missed from the sweeping and set the proper clear foundation to deep clean the floors. 

Wipe down with grout cleaner

The grout is the easiest part to get dirty when you are dealing with tile floors. Select a good grout cleaner that can lighten the grout and clear away any unnecessary dirt. If the grout does not appear to be too dirty, you can use a regular mop in order to get this done. If the grout needs some extra elbow grease, you should get a hand scrubber and mop the floor by hand. A scrubber brush is a good way to get in-between the grout clear away any grim. 

Give the floor a steam

Steam mopping as the last step is one of the best ways to make sure that the floor has received a deep cleaning. The steam will help to loosen any grime or grout issues that are left on the tile floors and will keep the floors clean for a longer amount of time. Before moving in any of your items, make sure that the floor is completely dry and clean by wiping it with a towel. If the towel is dry and clear, you are good to move in on clean floors. 

For more tips on cleaning your tile floor's grout, contact a company like Leo's Holland Floor Maintenance.

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