Found a Home for Your Foster Cat? Get Carpet Cleaning Afterward

Found a Home for Your Foster Cat? Get Carpet Cleaning Afterward

9 February 2018
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Although you may not own any pets, you may like to foster cats in your spare time. A cat will likely stay with you for anywhere from several weeks to numerous months. During this time, you will want to provide them with everything that they need to be happy and healthy. But, some cats may come into your home with stress and anxiety that can lead to some complications.

If your foster cat just found a new home, you should invest in carpet cleaning service to get rid of these four issues.

Urine Stains

Some cats may be perfect and not cause any problems with the carpeting. But, when a cat is nervous, uncomfortable, or lacked proper parenting from their mother, you may notice that they urinated on the carpet occasionally. This is not always easy to clean up unless you are around them all the time to see when it happens, which allows you to take immediate action.

The toughest stains may still show some discoloration on the carpeting, which you will appreciate hiring professionals for because they can remove them with great effectiveness.

Cat Hair

Although you may end up fostering a hypoallergenic cat on occasion that does not shed much, you should expect to find loose cat hair on the surface and deep within the carpeting. If your foster cat had a long coat and you were consistent with grooming them, carpet cleaners may end up removing considerable hair buildup from the carpet that your vacuum could not pick up.


Another thing that you will likely have within the carpet is litter. When a cat jumps out of the litter box, they may get litter stuck in between their paws, which then falls off on the carpeting. While the largest buildup will be around the litter box, you may find it all around your home.

Litter is easy to get stuck in the corners of rooms where a vacuum has a tough time cleaning up, but a carpet cleaning company will go through all the corners to clean them thoroughly.


Aside from the urine stains, which can come with some odor problems, you may want to remove the scent of your foster cat to freshen up the home. An undesirable odor could come from urine-soaked litter that ended up getting to the bottom of your carpet fibers when they jumped out. You can avoid territorial issues with a new foster cat through the removal of existing scents.

Residential carpet cleaning services are beneficial for your home when your foster cat finds a new home. Contact carpet cleaners to learn more.

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