Is It Time To Clean Your Ducts? 3 Signs That Signal A Yes

Is It Time To Clean Your Ducts? 3 Signs That Signal A Yes

13 February 2018
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For the average homeowner, air ducts fall into the realm of out of mind, out of sight. However, air ducts can make a dramatic statement, especially when they are in need of cleaning. If you're a homeowner who can't remember the last time you had your ducts cleaned, here are just some of the red flags you want to be on the lookout for.

Increased Dust

If you're noticing an uptick in the amount of dust that collects along the surfaces in your home, this is often a sign that your ducts need to be professionally cleaned. This sign is especially telling when there is an excessive collection of dust collected along the surface of your vents.

The dust and debris that has settled inside your ducts are being blown out into your home and settling along your furniture, floors and other surfaces. Keep in mind that some of this increased dust can also back up into your heating or air conditioning system and cause damage, so don't overlook this problem.

Higher Energy Bills

When you turn on the heat or air conditioner in your home, the comfort system produces the climate-controlled air, but it's up to the ducts to deliver it. When air ducts are especially dirty, the rate at which the heated or cooled air flows through slows down.

As a result, this causes your heating and cooling system to work harder in an effort to raise or lower the temperature to the reading you have on your thermostat. In addition to increased bills, you might even be recognizing more wear on your comfort systems.

Allergy Problems

For an allergy sufferer, the inside of their home should be an escape from all the allergens typically found outside, but if the ducts in your home are dirty, this is not the case. If you have allergies and feel like you're on a non-stop coughing and sneezing journey when in your home, the ducts could be the culprit.

As mentioned, earlier, the ducts force out all the debris that is collected inside them. So, pet dander, pollen, mold and whatever else is inside of the ducts will end up circulating through your home and irritating you. Even if you have a HEPA-rated filter, you still need to keep your ducts clean.

Make sure you aren't overlooking these signs in your home. For more information on air duct cleaning, contact a local service.

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