Is Your Office Team Losing Valuable Work Time To Illness? 3 Germ Hot Spots To Clean In Your Commercial Building

Is Your Office Team Losing Valuable Work Time To Illness? 3 Germ Hot Spots To Clean In Your Commercial Building

13 February 2018
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The workplace is a known hotbed for germs, and it often seems as though seasonal illnesses make their rounds through office staff at least a couple of times a year. While your team naturally knows the basics of germ prevention such as to wash their hands often, it's possible that certain areas of your office building are harboring germs that get overlooked. If viruses and bacterial illnesses keep circulating through your office team, then take a hard look at your current office cleaning procedures to see if these areas are being missed.

Deep Clean Communal Kitchens

Sure, your staff is great about wiping up spills and tossing their old food from the break room fridge. However, there are areas in your office's communal kitchen that most people don't stop to clean. For example, the sponge or rag that your staff uses to wipe up their spills may be teeming with bacteria. Office cleaning services focus on overlooked areas such as the kitchen faucets, appliances and waste bins where germs accumulate. For example, the buttons on the microwave are frequently touched yet rarely cleaned up. Deep cleaning these types of places drastically cuts down on the germs.

Wipe Down Shared Electronics

Shared office spaces are a popular option in commercial buildings today. While combining work areas is effective for cutting costs while encouraging collaboration, this office design scheme increases the spread of germs. Make sure that your office cleaning services also include regular wipe downs of all of the electronics in the building. This stops germs that are spread when people share a keyboard or landline phone.

Disinfect Light Switches and Door Handles

If your office receives heavy traffic, then you can bet that the front doors are covered in germs. The light switches and interior doorknobs of the offices are additional areas where people touch often. Appoint a member of your cleaning crew to wipe these areas down throughout the day when illnesses are at their peak. Then, consider installing hand sanitizer stations near the front entrances to encourage guests to do their part with keeping germs down in the building.

You might not be able to prevent every illness, but implementing measures that establish a clean office environment goes a long way toward helping everyone stay healthy. When your office team is strapped on time, make it easy to keep germs at bay by stepping up the regular office cleanings to cover the places where germs tend to be overlooked. For professional help, contact commercial cleaning companies like Rangel Janitorial, Inc

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