Birthday Treat Ideas For The Wife With A Busy Life

Birthday Treat Ideas For The Wife With A Busy Life

16 February 2018
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Looking for a way to surprise your busy wife with a day out of the ordinary on her birthday? Here are a couple of awesome options to consider – utilize them both to really impress your loved one:

Take a Day off From Work

Why not enjoy a day alone with your wife on her birthday? She'll appreciate the undivided attention and the ability to wind down for a day, and you'll appreciate the opportunity to liven your own day up a bit. Don't just lay around the house and watch television all day, because the day isn't about you.

Make a list of all the activities you know your wife enjoys doing and plan to participate in one or two of them with her in the morning. Then head to a spa for a couples massage for some special bonding time together.

Head to the park for a picnic during lunch time, and see a movie before heading home for the evening. Cook her favorite meal for dinner, and get the kids ready for bed so she can spend her night relaxing and focusing on her own needs. And make sure that all the day's chores are done before hitting the sack so your love doesn't have to worry about them in the morning.

Have the Clutter Removed

Because your wife is so busy, chances are that she doesn't have time to continuously look after the little stuff when it comes to keeping house. That little stuff can add up to a significant amount of clutter as time goes on, and the entire family may just get used to working around it. If you find that your wife is always battling clutter, consider having it removed for her all at the same time on her birthday.

Have your wife make a list of specific items in each room of your home that she definitely doesn't want taken out in the days leading up to her birthday.

Take your wife out to lunch on her birthday while the cleaning company, like GreenEx, comes in and takes away trash, old furniture, broken appliances, dusty DVDs, and anything else that is cluttering up your home. Your wife will undoubtedly appreciate the cleaner and more comfortable environment she comes home to after lunch, and it should be easier for her to keep the house clean in the coming months.

By surprising your wife with the ideas outlined here, she's sure to feel appreciated and remember her birthday as a special time for many years to come.

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