How To Care For And Keep Your Carpeting Clean

How To Care For And Keep Your Carpeting Clean

16 February 2018
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The carpeting you have installed in your home is a big investment that, like any other feature in your home, you should take care of it with regular maintenance to keep it lasting as long as possible. Carpets receive a heavy amount of wear and tear, so you need to be extra diligent with their care and cleaning. Here are some cleaning and maintenance tips to help you keep your carpeting lasting as long as possible.

Handle Spot Treatments

Spots occur in your carpeting from food and drink spills, pet spots, and from other unknown sources. Any liquid spill or residue left over from cleaning solutions can attract additional dirt onto your carpet's fibers, so it is important to fully clean and dry your carpets when you remove any stains.

Blot up any moisture in a still-wet spot with a damp cloth or rag. Press your body weight upon the spot to pull up as much moisture as possible, then rinse the cloth out and repeat the process to remove any staining in the spot. Spray a carpet cleaner onto a spot to lift up any remaining stain or if the stain has already dried, blotting the treated stain with your rag. It is important to not rub the stain into the carpet, as this can spread the stain.

Treat pet stains in the same manner, but instead use an enzymatic stain cleaner. The enzymes will break down the odor-causing bacteria in pet stains to remove any smell from the pet stain.

Complete Regular Cleaning

It is important to clean the entire surface of your carpets on a regular basis, by vacuuming and steam cleaning. Use your vacuum at least once a week over your entire carpets and more frequently on high-traffic areas. Leaving dirt on your carpets will cause the sharp edges of the dirt to scratch the fiber surfaces of your carpeting when you walk across them, leaving the carpets looking dull.

Hire a professional carpet cleaning company, like Janitorial Services Atlanta, to use a steam cleaning process to lift up dirt within the carpet's fibers. Using a carpet cleaning machine that sprays hot water can leave behind water, soap, and dirt residue, and allow mold and odors to grow in your carpeting. Talk to your carpet cleaner for their recommendation for a steam cleaning schedule.

Protect Your Carpet

After you have cleaned your carpets professionally, you can have them treated with a stain repellent. This type of treatment coats and protects the carpeting fibers to repel water and dirt from penetrating the carpeting surfaces. This can keep your carpeting cleaner for the treatment's estimated lifetime.

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