3 Times to Hire a Commercial Cleaning Service for Your Small Retail Business

3 Times to Hire a Commercial Cleaning Service for Your Small Retail Business

20 February 2018
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In the business of retail, your goal is to keep prices as low as possible while still maintaining a margin of profit, which means you will probably handle a lot of the usual business maintenance tasks in-house, including cleaning. Because of this fact, you may never consider hiring a professional cleaning crew to clean your store, and you likely have your usual staff take care of the usual tasks. Even if you do not employ the services of a professional cleaning company all the time, there are some situations when it would be really wise to bring in professional cleaning services temporarily. 

You are undergoing a store remodel. 

When you are updating, upgrading, and remodeling your retail environment, things can get hectic and really messy. A lot of your employees will probably be busy handling associated tasks and taking care of customers. So the regular cleaning tasks, such as keeping the restrooms clean and sweeping floors, may be neglected. Bringing in an outside cleaning crew on a temporary basis during your store remodel will help ensure you can serve customers safely in a clean store even though there is a lot going on at your place of business. 

Your store is planning a huge grand opening event. 

Perhaps you have relocated your place of business or maybe you are doing a re-grand opening after a store remodel. Anytime you are planning a grand opening event, it is important to have everything in your place of business looking spectacular. Hire a commercial cleaning crew just before the event to come in and handle things like:

  • Polishing the floors throughout the building
  • Sanitizing and cleaning the bathrooms
  • Cleaning all of the glass and windows

With all the extra attention to the cleaning details that a professional cleaning service provides, your grand-opening event is bound to make a lasting impression. 

You have had recent problems with damage to the building. 

There are all kinds of unforeseen circumstances that can happen when you own a business. Flooding caused by a sewer clog, fire damage if a fire occurs, damage caused by vandals—all of these are situations when hiring a cleaning crew temporarily would prove beneficial to your place of business. The goal after these situations is to ensure the store is restored to its former glory, so a little extra time and attention to cleaning everything will be a good thing, and it will take away a little of the stress.  

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