Improving Your Vinyl Siding With These Effective Tips

Improving Your Vinyl Siding With These Effective Tips

20 February 2018
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The exterior siding of your home is important for many reasons. Not only does it play a large role in your home's curb appeal and value, but the siding also acts as a protective layer between the outdoor elements and the home's interior. Unfortunately, the sun, hot and cold temperatures, and other environmental factors will discolor vinyl siding over time. For a two-story house, replacing the vinyl siding can cost between $6,000 and $13,000. While a good investment, cleaning the vinyl is a more affordable solution. Here are a few tips to help you clean your home's vinyl siding.

Water, Pressure, and Some Elbow Grease

You may be surprised to learn that water, pressure, and a bit of elbow grease can be sufficient for removing dirt, dust, and even stubborn stains from your vinyl siding. Of course, you may be wondering where to begin.

Consider investing in a pressure washer or hiring a service to clean your siding. A light-duty pressure washer will be enough pressure for removing light residue from your vinyl. However, if you have stubborn patches of dirt or even mold and mildew, consider using a pressure washer with a higher PSI.

PSI, or pounds per square inch, refers to the amount of water pressure that comes out of the pressure washer's nozzle. Higher water pressure is not always better, since the high-powered spray of water may loosen the vinyl, allowing water to seep underneath it. This can lead to mold growth.

Hold the sprayer wand at an angle and begin spraying the siding in side-sweeping movements. Work your way around the entire home, washing away dirt and debris with ease. If certain areas are not coming off the vinyl with the pressure washer, use a soft-bristled brush to scrub the heavier residue away before rinsing with your hose.

Water, Vinegar, and Safety Gear

In some instances, you may find patches of mold or algae growing on the vinyl. Removal is possible, but you must use precaution because mold, mildew, and algae can affect your breathing while irritating your skin and eyes if it comes into contact with the growth.

Be sure to wear rubber gloves, eye goggles, and a respirator mask before cleaning. Create a solution containing 2 gallons of white vinegar and 1 gallon of warm water. Spray the solution onto the patches of growth and use a soft-bristled brush to scrub the vinegar solution into the unhealthy growth.

After a few minutes, the vinegar will eat through the residue while killing the bacteria that leads to future growth.

Cleaning your vinyl siding will be a more affordable and easier solution to replacing it. These tips will help you prepare for the process, so your vinyl can be cleaned in an efficient and effective manner. For more information, contact companies like Safewash Powerwash.

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