Want To Minimize Office Cleaning Costs? 3 Tips For Leasing An Ideal Office Space

Want To Minimize Office Cleaning Costs? 3 Tips For Leasing An Ideal Office Space

31 July 2018
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When you manage employees in an office space, you should know that your time is best spent working on tasks related to the business as opposed to cleaning the office. Cleaning up a spill is understandable, but you should rely on office cleaners to handle most of these responsibilities.

If you are looking for a new office space to work in with your employees, you should consider all the ways that you can minimize office cleaning costs by picking an optimal workspace.

Square Footage

An important detail that will have a considerable impact on your long-term office cleaning costs is the square footage of the office. Some office cleaning companies will charge per square foot, which means that a sizeable office is going to cost you a lot of money to clean every time.

While you may like the idea of working in an office with a lot of square footage, you can also get creative with the layout in a small office to make it feel spacious for everyone. You may intend on having the same amount of office furniture that needs cleaning regardless of office size, But, you will not have to worry about as much flooring or as many windows needing to be cleaned.


An office space with a simple layout is ideal because it will prevent an office cleaning company form having to put extra time and effort into cleaning the workspace. For instance, certain layouts can make it difficult to vacuum or polish the flooring in a quick and efficient manner. This can lead to extra costs when the professionals must spend extra time in the office for these tasks.

Basic lighting fixtures may not make your office look stunning, but you will find that they are easier and less expensive to clean compared to fancy options such as chandeliers.


When you like the idea of being able to cook meals in your office, you may prioritize having a kitchen in your office space. Going without one will limit your office's ability to save money by cooking meals in the office, but it will reduce how much cleaning is needed for the office.

Even if you are determined to get an office kitchen, you can prioritize offices that have easy-to-clean features such as stone countertops and cabinets with hardware. Having hardware will prevent fingers from getting the cabinet doors dirty when someone opens the cabinets.

By taking these things into consideration when leasing an office space, you should feel confident about hiring an office cleaning company knowing that it will not cost a fortune.

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