Are You Getting Your House Ready for the Holidays?

Are You Getting Your House Ready for the Holidays?

22 October 2018
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With the holidays upon you, have you been thinking that it's time to get your house totally cleaned? Things might have gotten in your way of accomplishing that goal. For example, now that summer is long gone, you have more been busy with things like back-to-school orientation, meet-the-teacher night, and maybe even being a volunteer in your child's school. Or, if you don't even have children, you might have just wanted the summer season to be over before you tackled the house cleaning in a big way. Whatever your scenario,  here are some ideas that might help you to have a picture-perfect house by the time holidays arrive. 

Make a Plan - Consider going from room to room to see exactly what needs to be done. Take a paper and a pen with you so that you can make notes and pay attention to detail as you do so. After you have made a thorough assessment of the chores that need to be done, consider how long the job will take. For example, if you're going to be cleaning things like floorboards, that will more than likely add a lot more time to the cleaning job. Would you rather do the entire job in one or two days? Then think about starting early in the day. If you would rather take a longer period of time, say a week, assign certain jobs to each day. For example, bathrooms could be done on Monday, and Tuesday could be the day you dust, and vacuum, and Wednesday you can clean the kitchen. 

Hire Professionals - As you make your assessment, consider jobs that are too big for you to do. For example, you might have windows that are hard to reach. If so, hiring a commercial window cleaner to do the job for you may be the best option for you. He or she will have the training and the experience needed to make your windows look beautiful. In fact, after the job is done, you'll probably be amazed at how the sun shines through the windows in a beautiful way. The great part about having professionals clean your windows is that they will have the right tools and the right cleaning products to do the job well and to do it safely. Consider making arrangements for the commercial window cleaners to return to your house periodically.  

Once you've made a plan and hired professionals to help you carry it out, you can enjoy a clean home throughout the holiday season. 

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