Want To Schedule Carpet Cleaning? 3 Ways To Enjoy Long-Lasting Results

Want To Schedule Carpet Cleaning? 3 Ways To Enjoy Long-Lasting Results

16 December 2018
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If you look around your home and notice that your carpeting is rather dirty, you may want to make plans with a carpet cleaning company to make all your carpet spotless. This is a service that you should get through the years to help in making sure the carpet always looks clean.

However, you may know that after you get carpet cleaning service, you will likely need to get it again within the next six months to one year depending on your carpet's wear and tear. If you want to enjoy long-lasting results, you should consider a few tips when getting service.

Window Treatments

One of the ways that your carpet will get dirty is through all the dust and debris that comes through the windows. When you open up windows that do not have any coverings, you will have a hard time blocking all the outside dirt from getting into your home and all over the carpeting.

An effective way to minimize the impact that this will make is by investing in window treatments for all the windows and keeping them partially closed when you open the windows. Both vertical and horizontal blinds will catch dirt and grime as it attempts to pass through the windows. You can even use curtains or shutters and leave them partially closed to minimize dirt buildup.

When debris gets stuck on the window treatments instead of landing on the carpeting, all you need to do is remove the coverings and give them a quick wash to make them look new again.

Window Screens

Whether you use them on their own or combine them with window treatments, you should make sure that window screens are set up all throughout your home. When dirt and debris must pass by a screen, you will find that most of it gets caught on the screen and does not get inside.

If you have window screens with noticeable tears, you should replace them because dust will slip through the small cracks and get on the carpeting inside your home.


Investing in carpet protectant is a smart choice when you live in a home with children and pets that roam throughout the space. While you may know to take off your shoes every time you step in the front door, your kids may forget on occasion. Also, when your pets go outside, they may end up tracking in dirt and grime, which is when protectant will keep their mess from sticking.

Following these tips will help you enjoy long-lasting results when hiring carpet cleaning services.

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