Prevent The Spread Of Illnesses In The Office

Prevent The Spread Of Illnesses In The Office

12 September 2019
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Flu season hasn't even started yet and the number of people suffering from a cold or other virus is already taking a toll on many workplaces and schools. If you're looking for some ideas that can help keep your employees from getting sick as much this year, there's a few things that you can do around the office. Here, you'll find a short list of changes to consider making to help keep your employees healthy during the sick season.

Hire a Professional Commercial Cleaning Crew

If you don't already have one, a professional commercial cleaning crew would be a great investment to make at this time. When you have a professional crew coming to the office and cleaning each night, you know that the germs and bacteria from that day will be wiped away by tomorrow.

Some business owners don't think that the cost of cleaning services are worth it, but when you consider how much money the company loses when the employees all get sick and the production slows, the cost of the service is well worth every cent. Contact a service, like Tidy Tim Cleaning, to learn more.

Install Air Purification Systems

A lot of the viruses that are spread in a workplace are airborne. If you install a good air purification system in the office, it will filter out many of the contaminants that will make people sick. The one thing to look for when shopping for an air purification system is that it is equipped with a HEPA filtration system. This is the type of filters that hospitals use to keep the air clean – even with all of the germs, bacteria and viruses that go through those structures.

Provide Hand Sanitizer

Hands – hands are where most of the illnesses that your employees will get this year will come from. Provide more than enough hand sanitizer for your employees while they're at work. Position dispensers near every door – especially the break room, entry and restrooms. These are the doors that will be touched the most and potentially spread illnesses very quickly.

Encourage Sick Days

It can be hard to let employees take time off of work when they are sick – but it's important that your employees know that it's best to stay home when they're sick so they don't get everyone else at the office sick. Yes, you will probably have to draw the line somewhere and there will be some that take advantage, but it will help overall.

These changes can help decrease the number of sick days your employees need each year. Hopefully, the sick season won't be bad, but these tips will help.

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