Need Your Carpet On Your Stairs Repaired? What To Know

Need Your Carpet On Your Stairs Repaired? What To Know

29 May 2020
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Having some sort of carpeting on your stairs is not only a way to make your house look more complete, but it also acts as a safety precaution so that you don't slip and fall. Whether you currently have your entire staircase carpeted or you just have a runner that goes up and down, it's safe to say that your stairs see alto more traffic than other parts of your home. Why? Because of the way the stairs are shaped and the way we walk on them to come upstairs, it can wear the carpet down a lot quicker which can cause it to need some repair. 

Have It Patched

If you have a hole in the stairs on your carpet you may automatically assume that you have to have all of your carpet replaced, but if the rest of the carpet it in good shape there is practically no need to have all of that done. Instead, you can have the hole in the carpet patched with a piece of similar carpeting. During this repair process, your carpet professional won't just take any sort of scrap of carpet and glue it on, but they will make sure that it matches as seamlessly as possible. While you may be able to see the patch from a little bit further away, it's not something that should be too noticeable unless it is really large. 

Have It Cleaned

If the repair issue on your carpet stairs is less about a hole and more about a stain, then having it professionally cleaned is a must. During a professional cleaning, they won't just vacuum up the debris from the carpet but they will also use something like steam to help lift up any stains, debris, and dirt. The great thing about having your carpets professionally cleaned is that you cannot only get rid of stains but you can get rid of bacteria as well that may be leading to things like household allergies among all of your family members. 

Know When It Needs to be Replaced

Your carpet professional will be able to tell you firsthand if they think that your carpet is going to be able to be repaired or if you are going to have it completely replaced. If your stairs have multiple holes in it or it is starting to tear in some spots, then you may want to save up some money and just have all of it replaced. 

To learn more about carpet stair repair, reach out to a company near you.

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