Working With Commercial Cleaners To Deep-Clean Your Office And Work Areas

Working With Commercial Cleaners To Deep-Clean Your Office And Work Areas

30 June 2020
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Commercial cleaning services are great for offices and companies that have workstations or cubicles that need daily maintenance, and while routine care is essential, there are times when you need to take the cleaning a step further. Working with a commercial cleaning service to deep-clean your offices and work areas can be important and include many things that are not done every day.

Routine Cleaning Services

Standard commercial cleaning includes all the essential things you need in your office. Emptying the trash, dusting the desks and chairs, vacuuming the carpeting, and sweeping floors are all part of the basic service. Often, cleaning conference rooms and lobby areas are also part of the general cleaning and are essential to keep your business looking nice and providing a professional appearance for people visiting the company.

Deep-Cleaning Services

There are some things that regular cleaning misses that you might want to consider having a commercial cleaning service do once a month or on a regular schedule. Carpets should be shampooed, and wood, concrete, or laminate flooring should be cleaned thoroughly and with cleaners that will disinfect and kill germs hiding in the carpet or crevices in the flooring. 

Cleaning the air vents in the offices with a disinfectant can help stop germs from spreading through the air system, and reduce the spread of allergens in the air. For people with dust allergies, this is a valuable service, and keeping the vents clean can make a massive difference for them.

Wiping down the walls, doors, cubicles, and other surfaces with a disinfectant to kill germs on surfaces can help stop the spread of colds and other viruses, especially on areas that people touch without thinking about it. 

Bathroom Cleaning

Bathroom cleaning should always be part of the standard cleaning for the commercial cleaning service working in your building. Adding some additional cleaning and detailing into the process during the deep-cleaning process is an excellent way to stop the spread of germs in the bathrooms. Often, bathroom floors and walls are tiled, and bacteria can get into the crevices between the tiles and grow there. 

Washing all the walls down entirely and scrubbing the floors will help kill the germs on the surfaces, but it is essential to pay close attention to the areas around the fixtures, the toilet bases, and the areas around the mirrors. Also, pay close attention to light switches and fixtures that are potential touchpoints in the room. A good deep-cleaning by your commercial cleaning service can increase your employees' health and make the office feel clean and fresh, so it is a more enjoyable place to work.

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