What You Need To Know About Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning

What You Need To Know About Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning

28 December 2020
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Professionally cleaned carpet flooring looks great, smells fresh, and feels soft underfoot. But which carpet cleaning technique is right for your residential carpets?

Carpet cleaning professionals use a variety of carpet cleaning methods to clean their clients' carpets. To decide on the best way to clean your carpets, you should assess each carpet cleaning method separately. Hot water extraction is one of the best carpet cleaning techniques used by carpet cleaning companies today.

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How Does Hot Water Extraction Cleaning Work?

The first step of the cleaning process involves the application of a cleaning agent onto the dirty areas of the carpeting. The type of cleaning agent used depends on the type of carpeting you have and the type of soiling found on them.

The cleaning agent is spread by gently brushing the soiled areas with a soft-bristled brush. This helps to break up any dirt. Professional cleaners then leave the cleaning agent on the carpet to allow it to do its work of further breaking up and dissolving the dirt.

Powerful vacuum cleaners – called hot water extraction machines – are then brought in to convulse the carpet fibers and extract the cleaning agent and dirt in the carpet. These machines use high-pressure hot water to perform cleaning action and have a recovery tank for collecting the dirty solution. 

What Are the Pros and Cons of Hot Water Extraction Cleaning?

All carpets require effective removal of soil to look good and last long. The biggest advantage of the hot water extraction cleaning technique is that it can effectively remove most of the dirt and germs in carpeting. This helps to increase the lifespan of carpet products and also contributes to healthier indoor living environments. 

On the downside, hot water extraction cleaning has longer drying times than other carpet cleaning methods. This makes it unsuitable for homeowners who need to use their floors almost instantly after cleaning. 

Plus, there is a risk of over-wetting when cleaning carpets using the hot water extraction method. A professional carpet cleaner will ensure this problem does not arise in the first place.

Cleaning your home's carpet floors can be a laborious and time-consuming task. Carpet cleaning techniques such as hot water extraction only add to the stress of a DIY job because they require a high level of skill and specialized equipment to do properly. Consider leaving your carpet cleaning jobs to a specialist near you.

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