About Your Stucco Home

About Your Stucco Home

12 May 2021
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If you have a stucco house then you will be able to enjoy a lot of advantages. However, you will also have to clean the stucco in a certain way. You'll be able to learn more about stucco houses when you review the content here: 

Benefits of stucco homes

One of the first and most obvious benefits of a stucco house is the way they look. Stuck homes have a nice textured surface that helps to give them an added visual element that adds to their curb appeal. Stucco is a great option for all types of weather because it handles both heat and coldness well. It is also naturally resistant to fire and it is energy efficient. Some of the other good things about stucco are that it is considered to be very low maintenance siding, it is good for dampening sounds to help reduce noisiness from nearby traffic and other nuisances, it is resistant to rot, resistant to pests, and it is water-resistant as well. 

Stucco homes can collect dirt easily

While there are so many great things about stucco homes, there is something else that you should be aware of. The texture of stucco causes it to collect dust, dirt, and mud easily. In areas such as the desert where there is a large amount of dirt and dust around, stucco homes can get dirty quickly. However, they will still get dirty even in areas with plenty of vegetation. Stucco can be hosed down with a high-powered nozzle to get rid of some of the surface dirt, but some will still remain in the stucco due to its rough nature. 

Stucco homes can be cleaned easily professionally

Luckily, there is something that works to get that stuck-on dirt and other debris right out. You can have someone come out to give your stucco home a power washing. This process will remove the dirt and get the stucco to look fantastic again. So, when your garden hose and high-powered nozzle are no longer removing enough to make your home look nice and fresh again, it is time for you to call someone out to give it a power washing. Power washing is done by using a detergent and a power washer that will blast the stucco with water and with enough pressure to get the stucco clean without causing it any damage. 

For more information, contact a stucco cleaning service. 

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