Preparing For A Window Cleaning Service Call

Preparing For A Window Cleaning Service Call

24 June 2021
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If you just purchased or rented a building for the startup of a personal business, you undoubtedly want the exterior to look as favorable as possible to draw in potential customers or clients to purchase goods or services you provide. The windows of your building require routine cleaning to keep them looking pristine. If you are unable to handle the task of cleaning panes of glass on your own, hiring a window cleaning service is an option to consider. Here are steps to take in preparation for the arrival of a service that specializes in window cleaning.

Inquire About Services Provided And Schedule An Appointment

Contact a few reputable window cleaning services in your area. It is best to shop around as some services are costlier than others. In addition to the price tag, inquire about the tools used to perform the cleaning tasks, the amount of time it will take to have the job completed, and whether you can have employees onsite while cleaning is being conducted. If you prefer that a service uses products that are not harmful to the environment in any way, be sure to alert the window cleaning business when you schedule an appointment.

Make Sure To Remove Any Obstacles For Ease Of Cleaning

Window cleaning services will wash down glass panes on both sides. This means workers will need access to the interior of your building, as well as the exterior grounds. Before a service arrives, evaluate the area in front of and around all windows of your business. This includes outside. If there are any potential hazards, such as flower pots, fencing, large pieces of furniture, or debris, remove them from the area so workers have plenty of room to conduct their work without risk of injury or damage to your property. It is also beneficial to check under each window outdoors for loose rocks and inside for uneven flooring. Alert the service so they know to use planks to stabilize ladders or scaffolding in these areas.

Consider Having Your Cleaning Done During Closed Hours

Because window cleaning services need plenty of room to wash down glass properly, it may be in your best interest to have the job done at a time when no one is using your building. You can remain on-site during the procedure, but be sure to stay in an area away from windows as the cleaning procedures are done. Many window cleaning services provide appointments after routine working hours, as well as on weekends or holidays.

Reach out to a window cleaning service to schedule your appointment. 

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