Are You A Hoarder? Hire A Hoard Cleanup Service To Help You

Are You A Hoarder? Hire A Hoard Cleanup Service To Help You

7 January 2022
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If you are a hoarder and ready to get your home clean, you need to hire a hoarder cleanup service. They are experienced in cleaning homes like this and when finished your home will be back to normal and clean. Below is information on what they can do for you.

Start With One Room

If your entire home is hoarded, the hoarding cleanup service will focus on one room at a time. This is because looking at the entire home can be overwhelming in the beginning. They may choose the largest room in the home first, such as the living room. This allows them to see they have made some progress once this large room is finished. Do not plan on the cleaning service finishing cleaning your entire home in one day. It will likely take several days to get everything cleaned for you. 

Keep, Sell, Throwaway, Recycle

You will need to stay with the hoarding cleanup service if you can. They will need to know what they can throw away, what you want to keep, and what can be recycled. If this is difficult for you, you may want to see a therapist before the cleanup process begins. This is because hoarding is generally a mental health disorder

Once you are ready, you need to determine what you want to keep. Make sure you do not choose too many things, however, or the cleanup process will be difficult. Consider how many things you have never used, and you can sell them to make money for yourself. The hoarding cleanup service will make piles to help with this. There may be things no longer in good condition and need to be thrown away. Some things can be recycled, which the hoarding cleanup service should be knowledgeable about. 

Deep Clean

Once everything is out of your home, the hoarding cleanup service will deep clean your home. There may be repairs that need to be made as all the items in your home may have hidden some of these problems. Deep cleaning involves vacuuming, dusting, washing walls, washing carpets or flooring, cleaning baseboards, and cleaning ceilings. What is deep cleaned will depend on the room, such as the kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, and living room. 

The hoarding cleanup service may find pests as they are cleaning your home, especially if you have animals in your home. If so, they will contact a pest control company to take care of these pest problems before you move back in. They may also find mold in your home, which will need to be taken care of quickly, as mold spores can get into your lungs. 

The hoarding cleanup service that you hire can give you much more information on how they can help you. 

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