Why It's So Important To Have Your Restaurant Kitchen Hood Cleaned Regularly

Why It's So Important To Have Your Restaurant Kitchen Hood Cleaned Regularly

29 March 2022
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When you own a restaurant, it can feel like you're always having to clean or maintain something. As such, you might be tempted to let certain maintenance tasks slide — like cleaning your kitchen hood. But this is not a wise approach in the long run. Not cleaning your kitchen hood might save you time and money at the moment, but it will cause you headaches long term. Here are some key reasons why routine kitchen hood cleaning is so important.

1. It Keeps Your Hood Working Well

Your kitchen hood has an important function. It exhausts all of the hot air and cooking fumes out of your restaurant kitchen. If it becomes caked with grease and grime, it will stop performing this function so well. As a result, your kitchen will continuously get hotter. Your cooks and chefs won't be as comfortable in there. The smells from the kitchen also won't get vented out, which means your entire restaurant may smell unpleasant at times. If you keep the hood clean, on the other hand, it will keep functioning well so your restaurant stays clean and fresh.

2. It Keeps Grime from Dropping into Your Food

The grease that builds up on kitchen hoods will eventually reach the point where it starts really caking up and falling off the hood. Since the hood typically overhangs a cooktop or fryers, the grime that drops off might end up in the food. This is not great for health or flavor reasons, and will not make for happy customers.

3. It Is Essential for Insurance Coverage

Say you have a fire or other incident in your kitchen. The insurance company will probably check your records to ensure everything was maintained properly prior to the incident. If you did not have your hoods cleaned on schedule, the insurance company may determine that the incident was your fault, and they may then deny you coverage.

4. It May Be Essential to Maintain the Hood’s Warranty

Most exhaust hoods come with some sort of warranty, but if you read the details of that warranty, you will find that it only remains intact if you maintain the hood as directed. Usually, that maintenance involves periodic cleanings. Check how often you need to have the hood cleaned to maintain the warranty, and stick with that schedule. Otherwise, if your hood breaks, you'll likely have to pay for the repairs yourself.

It's always important to have your kitchen hood cleaned regularly. Find a restaurant kitchen hood cleaning company in your area, and get on their schedule.

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