Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring A House Cleaning Service

Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring A House Cleaning Service

18 April 2022
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If you have a tight schedule and cannot make time for basic chores like cleaning your home, you should hire a cleaning service. When hiring a house cleaning service, aim for an affordable professional to address your specific cleaning needs. The following are some mistakes you should avoid when appointing a cleaner.

Making Your Decision Over the Phone

If you are desperate to have your house cleaned, you might overlook measures such as vetting the cleaner or looking into their reputation. In this case, you will hire any service that features on top of the search engines.

However, many companies that rank highly on search engines know how to keep up appearances. These companies have well-designed websites with attractive content that will direct you to their contact page. Before you hire a cleaning service, schedule an interview. During the meeting, have a list of requirements that your ideal company should meet.

Not Having a Scope of Work

When hiring a cleaner, have a list of services you expect to be completed. You should clearly state your cleaning expectations and the deadlines of the jobs you want the cleaner to perform. For example, you may include a list of cleaning duties like cleaning furniture and equipment.

Furthermore, specify the parts of your home you want to be cleaned. Failing to indicate the scope of work to a cleaning service increases the likelihood of miscommunication which leads to dissatisfaction with the services offered.

Failing to Ask About Cleaning Supplies

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to not verify the cleaning supplies a cleaner uses. House cleaning services have different policies for cleaning supplies. Some will come with their supplies, while others will require you to provide the supplies.

Regardless of whether the supplies are inclusive of the cost of the service fee, it is essential to determine the products being introduced into your home. For example, some cleaning products are linked to serious allergies and illnesses. These conditions mainly affect pets and children. Other products are an environmental hazard. Your vetting of cleaning services should be partly based on the cleaning supplies they use.

In Closing

Many homeowners hire cleaners based on their quotes. However, there is more to house cleaning than price. Some cleaning procedures require specific skills and experience. Before hiring a cleaning service, make sure you identify your needs and expectations. It may help to solicit references from family and friends or check online client reviews. 

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