An Overview Of The Flood Damage Restoration Process

An Overview Of The Flood Damage Restoration Process

22 February 2023
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Floods can cause structural damage to your home and leave you counting losses. However, you can still salvage your home if you restore flood damage immediately after the floods. You can do a bit of restoration on your own, but you'll need expert help to restore your home to its original condition.

Experts are better equipped with tools and experience and will offer a customized solution for your home, depending on its condition.

Here's an overview of how a flood restoration expert can help you.

Water Removal

The first step towards flood damage restoration is to remove all the stagnant water and any debris the floods have carried into your home. Stagnant water can be a rearing ground for hazardous bacteria, mold, and insects. The trash will also start to rot and emit odors that could linger in your home even after the restoration process.

Drain the water by opening the doors and other outlets in your home. You can also use wet-dry vacuums, pumps, or extended hose vacuums. 

Professionals will come with high-grade equipment to drain high amounts of water and debris from your home. 

Dry Your Home

All that standing water must have left your home in a mess. The carpets, walls, and furniture may be wet if you don't dry them immediately. The wet surfaces can also be a breeding ground for mold and bacteria. You should dry the surfaces to prevent further damage and restore your home's original condition.

Professionals use drying techniques and tools such as dehumidifiers, fans, and heaters to dry your home quickly and efficiently. The experts come in handy, especially if the flood damage in your home is extensive.

Typically, a drying process could take a few days to some weeks, depending on the size of the affected area and the severity of the flood damage.

Cleaning and Sanitation

After drying your home, you need to clean and sanitize the space to remove all traces of flood damage. Throw out any damaged furniture and appliances to make way for thorough cleaning. This step will help reach the hidden corners as you clean to flush out mold and other contaminants.

A professional flood damage restoration company will use cleaning materials such as pressure washers, scrubbing brushes, and cleaning agents to clean and sanitize your home. 


In this step, you must repair or replace all damaged items or parts in your house. You can repaint walls, replace broken furniture and appliances, and repair ceilings and roofs, depending on the extent of the damage.

After a professional assesses your home, they'll guide you on whether to replace or repair a damaged part of your home. For instance, if the roof has missing shingles, you must replace them. However, you can fix the shingles if only a few screws are missing.

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