Chimney Lining: What Should You Know About It?

Chimney Lining: What Should You Know About It?

30 May 2023
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If you recently bought a home with a chimney inside it, you may look forward to using your chimney in the winter. Although your chimney can keep your home warm all winter long, it can also be dangerous without the proper lining. Chimney lining keeps your home and family safe from harmful gases and unforeseen fires in the winter. Learn more about chimney lining and why your chimney could potentially need it below.

What Does Chimney Lining Do?

A chimney lining is a protective liner that covers the chimney flue, or the space between the fireplace and the top of the chimney. The liner helps channel toxic fumes, smoke, and other airborne pollutants out of the firebox in your fireplace when you burn wood in it. The liner also keeps the masonry bricks behind the flue from overheating and combusting into a fire. However, not all chimney flues contain the right liner. 

In the past, homebuilders normally installed clay tile liners in their customers' flues. Although clay tile is versatile and affordable, it can eventually split or crack over time. A split or cracked liner allows toxins to enter your home and places the chimney at risk for fires. 

As a homeowner, you may not be able to tell if the chimney liner is split or cracked just by looking at it. Unless someone cleaned your chimney before you purchased your home, the lining may be covered in soot, creosote, and other dark debris. In this case, you want to have a cleaning company or chimney sweeper examine your flue and chimney lining for you. 

What Type of Lining Does Your Chimney Need? 

A cleaning company or chimney sweeper will most likely use a flashlight or another type of light to see inside your chimney flue. If the liner appears split, cracked, or overall damaged by years of soot, creosote, and smoke, a company or sweeper will recommend you install a liner on the flue immediately. You want to ensure your fireplace and chimney stay safe during the upcoming cold season. 

Before a company or sweeper replaces your liner, they'll ask you to select a new one. You may want to choose a metal liner as your replacement. A liner made of steel won't crack or split over time. The liner will also strengthen and support your chimney flue, which helps prolong its lifespan.

After a company or sweeper installs a new liner in your chimney, be sure to inspect it every year. The inspection allows you to keep your chimney and its parts well-maintained and safe to use year after year. 

For more information about the lining in your chimney, consult a professional chimney lining company today. 

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