5 Questions To Ask A Professional Carpet Cleaning Company Before Using Their Services

5 Questions To Ask A Professional Carpet Cleaning Company Before Using Their Services

6 July 2023
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Want to have your carpets professionally cleaned? If so, find professional carpet cleaning companies in your area and ask the following questions to learn more about what they can do for your floors.

#1. Do You Do Spot Treatments?

Certain areas of your carpeted floors may need more work than others. If this is the case, ask about spot treatments. A representative for the carpet cleaning company can discuss any spot treatment techniques their team members may use to handle stains and other issues.

#2. Will the Professional Cleanings Remove Odors?

A professional carpet cleaning should include odor removal services, but it helps to know if the products used will remove certain smells, such as smoke and pet odors. If you're having a problem like this with your carpets, you should ask about odor removal solutions so that your floors will smell good again.

#3. What Cleaning Solutions and Methods Will You Use on the Carpets?

Some carpet cleaning companies use different solutions and methods, so it helps to ask a question like this to understand what the professionals plan to use on your carpets. They can provide a list, including details on any cleaning solutions and tools, such as steam cleaners, they might use to give your carpeted floors an incredible clean. When asking this question, you can also determine if the products used are non-toxic and safe for use in homes with little ones.

#4. Is It Necessary to Move Any Furniture Beforehand?

You may need to move furniture before the carpet cleaners arrive to ensure they have access to every inch of your floors. Of course, some companies are willing to handle this step themselves. If you need to move furniture, it may be as simple as flipping items like chairs, couches, and coffee tables off to the side to provide access to the carpeted floor underneath them.

#5. Does It Take Hours for the Carpets to Dry?

The time it takes for the carpeted floors to dry depends on the method of cleaning used, with some cleaning options requiring longer dry times than others. The carpeted floors may dry in as little as two hours, but it can take much longer. A good way to help with the drying speed is to open your windows and allow plenty of fresh air into the home.

Before you use the services of a professional carpet cleaning company, ask these questions to learn more about their approach to cleaning your carpeted floors. You can use the information you gather to select the most suitable company.

Reach out to a professional carpet cleaning service to learn more.

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