Three Steps To Deep Cleaning Tiles Before Moving Into A Home

8 February 2018
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A home that has tile floors is easy to adapt to. Tile floors are easy to sweep and mop. You can also easily cut carpet and place it over tile or purchase a rug to throw over the tile. If you are moving to a new place that has tile, the first thing that you will need to do is make sure that the tile is in good condition. If the tile has a layer of grim, a lot of dirt, or other problems, you need to get it deep cleaned before moving into your home. Read More …

Is It Time For The Big Cleanup?

8 February 2018
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Have you been procrastinating something that you know you'll have to do eventually? The big cleanup of your home has probably been on your mind for awhile, and now you've decided to get on with the project. Cleaning your house might not be your favorite way of spending hours of the day, but you'll have to admit that the outcome will probably leave you feeling really good. After all, walking into a house that looks clean and well organized is pretty neat. Read More …

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